Can you see the fnords?

02 Mar, 2014

My new background image is a rip-off of the Boing Boing Fnord t-shirt. Apologies to Rob Beschizza, but your design was too good not to play around with!



I claim no copyright on this image. TV texture courtesy of Chaotic Resources.

If you dislike amateurishly applied GIMP filters I suggest you check out the unadulterated SVG image.

Objectif Lune

12 Feb, 2014

When I was a kid I was never into the superhero comics. When my friends enjoyed Superman, Batman or The Phantom I devoured the great Franco-Belgian comics, Asterix, Spirou, Gaston, The Smurfs, Lucky Luke, and yes, Tintin. Tintin was always the favourite (well, at least the later stories that dropped the racism and colonialist stuff).

Of the albums Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon stand out as being particularly well researched and well-written. It's pretty cool to consider that it was written in 1950, nineteen years before the moon landing.  I'm not sure how many times I've re-read these books but it must be close to a three digit number.

I've redrawn the rocket blueprint from page 35 of Destination Moon. Initially I wanted to create a design for a t-shirt, but I also created a version for use as a wallpaper:

Tintin destination moon

(Ironically, the design of the rocket is actually one of the things that Hergé was pretty much off the mark on.)

The SVG (linked from the background page) contains a hidden bonus in the form of the Swedish translation, Månen tur och retur. This is the version I choose for the t-shirt:

Destination Moon
Unfortunately I misjudged the darkness of the t-shirt so the text ended up close to unreadable, but I guess I live and learn.

Stay puft!

29 Dec, 2013

Inspired by the awesome glow-in-the-dark Ghostbusters t-shirt I received as a a Christmas gift I decided to trace and redraw the logo as vector graphics.


I ended up with two background images, one vanilla, straight from Inkscape, and another with a "distressed" look courtesy of GIMP. It's kind of an amateurish effort as I'm still teaching myself GIMP, apologies!


As a bonus here's the SVG for the logo:

Ghostbusters SVG

I claim no copyright on these as the logo is partially traced, and it's obviously already a copyrighted and trademarked work.

Monkey Island in widescreen

18 Dec, 2013

I have uploaded a wide-screen (1920x1080) variant of the Monkey Island background. Complete with corresponding XCF file. Since it's basically a couple of stitched together screen shots I make no copyright claim on the files.

Monkey Island background

I can't believe that it has been ten years since I made the original background. And it was created in Photoshop!

Alfred Hitchcock backgrounds

28 Dec, 2009

I was given a DVD collection containing the early films by Alfred Hitchcock for Christmas this year. The box set cover art included a very good two colour profile of the master of suspense, in other words, perfect for scanning, tracing and converting to SVG!

I made a nice desktop background, and also a bonus variant with only the rough outline and signature.

Alfred Hitchcock in profile

Alfred Hitchcock outline and signature

Dark Side of the Moon wallpapers

28 Oct, 2006

I have created a couple of Dark Side of the Moon wallpapers, mostly as a way of getting to know Inkscape. They are by no means super accurate, but I guess they satisfy the most wallpaper starved Pink Floyd fans out there.

Dark Side of the Moon album
version of the album

The first one is the original cover art, and the other is an alternate version that I think have been used both as a back side to the album and as a poster.

The wallpapers are in size 1280x1024 but can easily be resized to fit any screen using Inkscape or a similar vector editor. I claim no copyright on these files, and they can be considered public domain. However, if you feel like improving my work I appreciate if you show me the result :-)