03 Jul, 2015

So, I went a little crazy in anticipation of the Jurassic World movie and made a couple of wallpapers...

Jurassic Park normal

Jurassic Park rotated

Purrassic Park

JPTricera rotated

JP Tricera normal

... and I still haven't got around to doing the actual Jurassic World logo.

Still, I prefer the old logo, less busy and a lovely combination of red/black/yellow.


16 Mar, 2015

I was inspired by the fantastic artwork by Simon Stålenhag to trace and make something of the iconic logotype for Televerket. Televerket was the government agency responsible for telecommunications in Sweden up to the early 90's when it was deregulated and made into the corporation Telia.


There's a distressed background image (using a texture from Deluzions) (XFC) and a vanilla SVG. with a few variants of the logo.