Tension wrenches

09 Jul, 2015

The street sweeper went by today. That means it's time to start making tension wrenches and picks!


Windshield wipers also make for a good source of material, most have long strips of steel inside.

Click of death

18 Jun, 2014

Old Logitech mice (and other manufacturers too) sometimes develop the "click of death". Mouse clicks are sometimes not registered, or more common, register as a double click.

This is caused by a worn out micro switch. For my Logitech M505, a Omron D2FC-F-7N, rated for about five million clicks.

Click of death

New micro switches can be bought on Ebay for about 7 SEK (1 USD) and replacing it is very easy if you have a little experience soldering.

High on solder fumes

21 Mar, 2009

I have recently taken up soldering as a hobby. Most (if not all) of the software I use is free, and possible for me to modifiy if I so desire. Hardware, not so much. Well, I at least wanted a chance to try and modify and build stuff, so off I went and bought a shiny new soldering station and a few kits to practice with.

In other words, I am now the proud owner of a Velleman MK109 Electronic Dice. At a simple press of a button, the seven (for aesthetic reasons) LEDs will start flashing, and a moment later the result will make it self visible. No longer is there a need to actually roll a die much like a brutish cave dwelling pre-historic beast might do.

Electronic dice kit

I shall be very cross indeed if this apparatus does not enrich, nay, revolutionise my life, making me the envy of my fellow man-beings.

As frightfully interesting as these kits are, I soon hope to graduate to more fruitful projects. My immidiate plans include hooking up the two unused internal USB ports on my Eee 701, eliminating the need for external Bluetooth and UMTS adapters. It's a relativitly risk free procedure, but I'm still worried to brick the poor thing.

Another interesting project is to build the Uzebox. A homebrew 8-bit game console. It comes complete with schematics and free software licensed under the GPL.

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