Bike workshop

22 May, 2016

I got an idea to spruce up my bicycle workshop with some decorations.

Google provides a very good search interfaces for patents, complete with images in reasonably high resolutions. I picked out a few important bicycle patents with illustrations and printed them out on A4 card stock. The frames are the cheapest ones from IKEA that take A4 format (RIBBA?).

The patents pictured are:

There are so many important inventions (with patents) in the MTB and bicycle world, but not an unlimited space on my walls. On the other hand it's easy to just print new "artwork" should I get bored looking at the above patents.

As for the trophy... I replaced the handlebar on my racer to get a more upright riding position but didn't want to get rid of the old stuff (Cinelli stem, Titan handlebar, Campy levers...) so I decided to mount the old stuff on the wall!

The pen holder is an old F&S Torpedo hub shell, both decorative and useful for the time being while I find spare parts to rebuild it.

Alfred Hitchcock backgrounds

28 Dec, 2009

I was given a DVD collection containing the early films by Alfred Hitchcock for Christmas this year. The box set cover art included a very good two colour profile of the master of suspense, in other words, perfect for scanning, tracing and converting to SVG!

I made a nice desktop background, and also a bonus variant with only the rough outline and signature.

Alfred Hitchcock in profile

Alfred Hitchcock outline and signature

Desktop background gallery

19 Apr, 2008

I finally upgraded to Wordpress 2.5. The one feature making this worthwhile was the [ gallery] tag which makes it dead easy to add a gallery of images to a post.

I have collected all the desktop backgrounds I have made whilst mucking about in Inkscape and GIMP and added them in such a gallery.

I also added my newest creation, a poor attempt at recreating the poster for my favourite zombie movie:

Dawn of the Dead movie

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Debian Etch Wallpaper

01 Jan, 2007

Last time i messed around in Inkscape I started doing a wallpaper celebrating the (upcoming) release of Debian Etch. (It could be used as a logo or for some promotional material too).

Unfinished artwork for Debian 4.0

I don't think I will get around to finishing it, so I will simply post the SVG file here and now if someone want to use it. It's licensed under the GNU GPLv2. Click the thumbnail above for a larger image and the SVG.

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New header

30 Oct, 2006

I made a new header image. The picture it's based on is called "A Procession in the Catacomb of Callistus" courtesy of Liam's Pictures from old Books. A great resource for public domain pictures and engravings.

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Dark Side of the Moon wallpapers

28 Oct, 2006

I have created a couple of Dark Side of the Moon wallpapers, mostly as a way of getting to know Inkscape. They are by no means super accurate, but I guess they satisfy the most wallpaper starved Pink Floyd fans out there.

Dark Side of the Moon album
version of the album

The first one is the original cover art, and the other is an alternate version that I think have been used both as a back side to the album and as a poster.

The wallpapers are in size 1280x1024 but can easily be resized to fit any screen using Inkscape or a similar vector editor. I claim no copyright on these files, and they can be considered public domain. However, if you feel like improving my work I appreciate if you show me the result :-)