Bike workshop

22 May, 2016

I got an idea to spruce up my bicycle workshop with some decorations.

Google provides a very good search interfaces for patents, complete with images in reasonably high resolutions. I picked out a few important bicycle patents with illustrations and printed them out on A4 card stock. The frames are the cheapest ones from IKEA that take A4 format (RIBBA?).

The patents pictured are:

There are so many important inventions (with patents) in the MTB and bicycle world, but not an unlimited space on my walls. On the other hand it's easy to just print new "artwork" should I get bored looking at the above patents.

As for the trophy... I replaced the handlebar on my racer to get a more upright riding position but didn't want to get rid of the old stuff (Cinelli stem, Titan handlebar, Campy levers...) so I decided to mount the old stuff on the wall!

The pen holder is an old F&S Torpedo hub shell, both decorative and useful for the time being while I find spare parts to rebuild it.