16 Nov, 2014

I have been watching quite a bit of Thundercats lately (the original series) and naturally I couldn't resist doing something with the logo.

Thundercats Rust

This image was made by following the great metal plate typo tutorial by Chrisdesign as well as his colorstripe brushes. Textures by

Growing up in the early 1990's in Sweden we didn't have Saturday-morning cartoons, we had Sunday-morning cartoons. For most kids this meant about an hour of Thunderbirds, Inspector Gadget, Sailor Moon and, of course, Thundercats. I wasn't most kids, I had to go to Sunday school each week, which meant no cool cartoons. That is, unless I could get away with faking being sick or sneaking home early.

So, as an adult I take great pleasure in re-watching these classics (and being an atheist!).