Asus WL-500gP first aid

02 Nov, 2014

For quite some time I used a Asus WL-500g Premium router. It was running FreeWRT which later became defunct. I eventually replaced the WL-500g mostly because it seemed like a hassle to upgrade from FreeWRT but also admittedly because I wanted a new shiny toy.

Now I have finally restored the firmware back to original, and might eventually use it with OpenWRT. That is, if I can figure out a use for it, perhaps as a repeater?

Restoring the firmware turned out to be simpler than expected. Put the router in diag mode, TFTP the new firmware to the unit, anxiously wait for it to reboot (or in my case shut down) and finally the web interface greets you with "Thank you for buying Asus"!

I had a lot of help from the OpenWRT wiki entry for the WL-500gP and from this blog entry, Asus WL-500GP recovery.

This little router is quite the survivor, it has been through at least two power adapters and have had all the capacitors replaced.