Holiday traditions and LEGO

15 Dec, 2013

Some families put up nativity scenes for Christmas. When I was kid my maternal grandfather would put up a LEGO train around the Christmas tree.

As a kid I looked forward to this every year. The train was not for playing with, but good little boys and girls were sometimes allowed to control it, it was almost as much fun guessing what was in the presents.

As the years passed and kids turned to teenagers, the train was no longer brought out, and when teenagers turned into adults and got kids of their own my grandfather had passed away.

When his belongings was divided nobody claimed the train and I pulled it from a stack that was meant for goodwill.


The train is model 7740 Inter-City Passenger Train Set. First released in 1980, the same year my oldest sister was born, my grandfathers first grandchild.

The set was very close to complete, except for a few bricks missing from the antennas, even the warranty papers and the stickers sheet are still there. I have since, with the help of Peeron and Bricklink, replaced the missing parts. The train and rails have been cleaned from years of dust and gunk. I'm guessing some it was sap from a whole generation of Christmas trees.

The train is back under the tree, together with a few other LEGO City models from the same era, and an old Christmas tradition is brought to life again.