Zile on FreeWRT

14 Sep, 2008

I recently upgraded my router from the standard firmware to FreeWRT, a GNU/Linux distribution for embedded systems. FreeWRT comes with a large selection of packages but is however a bit lacking in it's selection of editors.

Prefering Emacs, I immediately set out to package GNU Zile (zile is lossy emacs).  Fortunately it's really easy to package software in FreeWRT, and the ADK comes with a complete environment, including a cross-compiler.

So here's GNU Zile on FreeWRT,

The binary is built for my Asus WL500g premium with  squashfs-overlay filesystem using FreeWRT 1.0.3.

I might suggest it for upstream inclusion, but at the moment the latest release of Zile refuses to build.

Tags: emacs, freewrt, router, zile,