"There is no dark side of the moon really. Matter of fact it's all dark"

03 Sep, 2005

A little more than a year ago I bought "The Dark Side of the Moon" by Pink Floyd. This was one of those album I buy because it's an artist I have heard much about or has a big place in music history but not something I personally have listened much too. (Most of the time, I simply pick one of the highest rated albums at All Music Guide).

The first times I listened to Dark Side of the Moon nothing really clicked, it was good, and pleasent to have in the background, but is simply ended up on the shelf too soon. Later, I downloaded and listened to some songs mentioned in on of the story lines in Sluggy Freelance (of all places!) and came upon "One of these days", a very atmospheric instrumental song I really, really liked.

I quite quickly got the rest of the album (Meddle) and most of the other discography and started to, piece by piece becoming really attached to the music. The Wall, both the album and the movie has a lot to blame for this, but all of the albums are really great. Take for example "Piper at the gates of dawn", I dismissed both Piper and Syd Barrets songs almost immediately, but later learned to love both. ("Bike" is a great song!)

By now I think that "The Dark Side of the Moon" is an amazing album, I constantly discover new things in the songs every time I listen to it. I recently watched a documentary about the making of the album, Classic Albums: Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon that I truly recommend for an insightful look into all the feelings, creativity and ingenious that went into making this. There is also an interesting quote by Roger Waters on the lyrics and inspiration for the track "Time".

I suddenly realised, that year, that life was already happening. I think it was because my mother was so obsessed with education, and the idea that childhood and adolescense, well everything was about preparing for a life that was gonna start later. I suddenly realised that life wasn't gonna start later, it starts at dot and goes on all the time, and at any point you can grasp it and guide your own destiny and it was a big revelation to me. It came as quite a shock.

I have been troubled by this same thought for the last three years or so, Maybe it isn't so strange that "Time" is my favourite song on "The Dark side of the Moon".