Bug assist

13 Jun, 2005

Some time ago I made a suggestion to the maintainer of Totem to add a hand cursor when you hover the mouse over DVD menus (to make them easier to find). This was implemented almost immediately, but with one small bug. The hand cursor was never visible when running Totem in fullscreen.

I reported it (wonder if anyone but me ever noticed this tiny little bug? :) ) but it didn't get much attention and was marked NEEDINFO for quite some time. A few weeks ago I poked my head into the code to see if I could figure anything out. Not knowing any GTK, and only knowing C from the first twenty pages of K&R I thought it was hopeless.

After quite some time I did actually manage to figure out how to disable the fullscreen controls, which in turn made the cursor turn in to a hand even in fullscreen. I reported this little find, but didn't think it would do much differance. To my surprise the maintainer could with this new information figure out what went wrong (the cursor was reset to the default one, instead of the one from the hover event) and solve the bug quickly. This little pet peeve is now fixed in CVS.

So, I couldn't fix it myself, but this must count as an assist at least :-) It's kinda cool to be able to help out like this.