Karate Kid, Rock n Roll High School, Zombi II

18 May, 2005

More movie watching'

The Karate Kid, quite a classic youth movie from 1984. It was the first time I actually watched this one and I was a bit disappointed. Parts of it are kind of cute (Pat Morita as Miyagi of course!) but overall it's not that good.

Rock 'n' Roll High School, to be fair, it's not a good movie (quite the opposite), but it has buttload of charm, PJ Soles, and the friggin' Ramones, how could I not like this?

Zombi II (Zombie Flesh Eaters), the most popular follow up (rip off?) to Dawn of the Dead. Overall this movie is ridiculus, bad acting, silly dialouge and big holes in the plot. It does however deliver in the make up and gore department and has a zombie fight a shark, that makes up for much :-)