07 Mar, 2005

Thanks to Steve Kemp's wonderful site Debian Administration (filled with quick-to-the-point tips) I have finally set up a DNS system for my network. It is powered by dnsmasq. Any host in /etc/hosts on my router is now in the DNS, and also any computer using DHCP. (New versions of dnsmasq has a DHCP daemon built in).

Addendum: The one problem I had with the DNS was that Windows did not seem to use DNS for the hostnames of the computers on the network, Internet worked fine tough. This turned out to be normal. Windows does not use DNS for names without a dot (it defaults to using WINS for those, whatever that is). The work around is either to put in hostname and domain name in the /etc/hosts file on the DNS machine or adding a dot the to end of the hostname when you try to communicate with the other nodes in Win.