Free Games

11 Jan, 2005

Nice article about free games. This could very well be one of the next big things in Free Software. So far there are quite a few good free 3D engines, and quite a few good games.

I'm still hoping for someone to stand up and starting development of the proverbial good game engine(not only 3D, but a complete engine with physics etc.) . A project very much like Linux with a benevolent dictator developing a copyleft engine anyone can build upon, be it indie game makers or proprietary dinosaurs like EA.

For this to work I think it needs to be started by someone who is already a name in these circles, like John Carmack, and the game data could be kept proprietary.

RMS is quoted in the article saying:

A game scenario can be considered art/fiction rather than software. So it is okay to split the game into engine and scenario, then treat the engine as software and the scenario as art/fiction.

... and it probably makes sense for most commercial companys. The obivous wins for everyone are portable games, and games that can be kept up to date (no need for compability modes, emulators or reverse enginerd rewrites). Hopefully this also means that game developers will spend less time creating shiny gfx and more time focusing on gameplay.

On the other hand, creating a good free archive of sound effects, high quality textures, fonts and models is probably more important as these pieces are lacking in many indie and free software games.