House of Flying Daggers

02 Jan, 2005

Watched House of Flying Daggers tonight. Just like Hero, this is a truly beautiful and elegant movie, I'm looking forward to watch more of Yimou Zhang's work.

One thing that bothers me is this discussion on imdb boards about animal cruelty in asian movies, or specifically how they used wires to make the horses "fall over". Someone mentioned that Japan and China have no laws protecting animal abuse in movie productions.

In all, I had a nice evening, altough it bothers me a bit that I actually find riding in car with friends more fun than getting together at somebodys house. Most of the time we simply end up in front of a computer, video game, or in the sofa watching a movie with very little conversation. On the other hand, with mp3 players and laptops there is really not that much preassure to socially interact when you are going on a trip anymore.

(Yes! This is just whimsical yammering to make my weblog look active.)