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Visit from a crow

05 Apr, 2015

Last night I spent thirty minutes trying to coax a crow out of the chimney. I wish that was a clever euphemism for something kinky, but no, it involved trying to get a scared, sooty and quite large bird through a small opening in the fireplace. Eventually though, the bird managed to find her way out, and, to our relief, wasn’t hurt and could fly away.

Crow wings in soot

There wasn’t time to take a picture of the bird. But she did leave her fingerwingprints behind on the ceiling.

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16 Mar, 2015

I was inspired by the fantastic artwork by Simon Stålenhag to trace and make something of the iconic logotype for Televerket. Televerket was the government agency responsible for telecommunications in Sweden up to the early 90’s when it was deregulated and made into the corporation Telia.

Televerket distressed

There’s a distressed background image (using a texture from Deluzions) (XFC) and a vanilla SVG. with a few variants of the logo.

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King Diamond logo

12 Feb, 2015

I traced the King Diamond logo from a t-shirt, and just for fun, made a desktop background. I aimed for well-worn vintage t-shirt style.

King Diamond Vintage

As usual GIMP XFC and original SVG.

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Key transition

29 Jan, 2015

Hash: SHA256,SHA1
I'm finally transitioning GPG keys from the old 1024-bit DSA format to
a new RSA 4096 key.
The old key is still valid but will be revoked in about six months.
This document is signed by both keys for validation.
My old key is:
pub 1024D/760BDD22 2004-11-15
 Key fingerprint = 0B17 BB7E E46B 7718 58CF 93EC 2784 8491 760B DD22
The new key is:
pub 4096R/6FAB5CD5 2015-01-28
 Key fingerprint = 8EC2 2558 A9A1 57D5 48D5 7994 7CCD 6974 6FAB 5CD5
The new key should already be available on keyservers, and can also be
downloaded here: http://whiz.se/gpg/
The txt version of the transition statement is also available here:

Sven Arvidsson
Version: GnuPG v1

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Books of 2014

01 Jan, 2015

I finished my goal of reading at least 100 books in 2014. Here’s a selection of some of them:

Books 2014

I very much doubt that I will have the time for a repeat this year.

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LEGO key holder

24 Nov, 2014

LEGO key holder

Inspired by the key holder made by DaveHax.

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16 Nov, 2014

I have been watching quite a bit of Thundercats lately (the original series) and naturally I couldn’t resist doing something with the logo.

Thundercats Rust

This image was made by following the great metal plate typo tutorial by Chrisdesign as well as his colorstripe brushes. Textures by cgtextures.com.

Growing up in the early 1990’s in Sweden we didn’t have Saturday-morning cartoons, we had Sunday-morning cartoons. For most kids this meant about an hour of Thunderbirds, Inspector Gadget, Sailor Moon and, of course, Thundercats. I wasn’t most kids, I had to go to Sunday school each week, which meant no cool cartoons. That is, unless I could get away with faking being sick or sneaking home early.

So, as an adult I take great pleasure in re-watching these classics (and being an atheist!).

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