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LEGO key holder

24 Nov, 2014

LEGO key holder

Inspired by the key holder made by DaveHax.

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16 Nov, 2014

I have been watching quite a bit of Thundercats lately (the original series) and naturally I couldn't resist doing something with the logo.

[caption id="attachment_366" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Thundercats Rust[/caption]

This image was made by following the great metal plate typo tutorial by Chrisdesign as well as his colorstripe brushes. Textures by cgtextures.com.

Growing up in the early 1990's in Sweden we didn't have Saturday-morning cartoons, we had Sunday-morning cartoons. For most kids this meant about an hour of Thunderbirds, Inspector Gadget, Sailor Moon and, of course, Thundercats. I wasn't most kids, I had to go to Sunday school each week, which meant no cool cartoons. That is, unless I could get away with faking being sick or sneaking home early.

So, as an adult I take great pleasure in re-watching these classics (and being an atheist!).

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05 Nov, 2014


  1. Old Android phone, running Cyanogenmod
  2. Cheap chinese tablet
  3. Card holder
  4. USB memory card reader with SD card
  5. Philips SHS8100 headphones
  6. Moleskine Cahier Pocket
  7. Parker Jotter pen and mechanical pencil
  8. 9V battery torch
  9. Leatherman Squirt PS4
  10. Keyring with Swiss Utili-key
  11. Lip balm
  12. Julbo Micropore sunglasses


Bonus EDC Small GRID-IT with charger, light, adapters etc.

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Simon the Sorcerer 2 background

03 Nov, 2014

I created a new stitch-together background from the map screen in Simon the Sorcerer 2. It's available both with and without the logo.

Simon the Sorcerer 2 - logo

Simon the Sorcerer 2 - no logo

Sadly, I had to amputate the clouds to make a better transition. The GIMP XCF file is available here.

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I designed a new t-shirt!


The motif is probably a little too geeky for most people.

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Asus WL-500gP first aid

02 Nov, 2014

For quite some time I used a Asus WL-500g Premium router. It was running FreeWRT which later became defunct. I eventually replaced the WL-500g mostly because it seemed like a hassle to upgrade from FreeWRT but also admittedly because I wanted a new shiny toy.

Now I have finally restored the firmware back to original, and might eventually use it with OpenWRT. That is, if I can figure out a use for it, perhaps as a repeater?

Restoring the firmware turned out to be simpler than expected. Put the router in diag mode, TFTP the new firmware to the unit, anxiously wait for it to reboot (or in my case shut down) and finally the web interface greets you with "Thank you for buying Asus"!

I had a lot of help from the OpenWRT wiki entry for the WL-500gP and from this blog entry, Asus WL-500GP recovery.

This little router is quite the survivor, it has been through at least two power adapters and have had all the capacitors replaced.

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23 Jul, 2014

Once you learn to ride a bike you never forget. But it turns out you can forget how to ride with SPD pedals...


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